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The global rise and dominance of poker worldwide as the favorite past time has been stunning, to say the least. Since the 1990s, its growth has been nothing short but spectacular. But there are places where such stellar rise didn't happen right away. Due to some legal issues, Indian poker is way behind the global standard. It is only in the last five years, and the last two years especially, that the rise of Indian poker has been happening steadily.

The laws that regulate gambling in India are over 150 years old. According to that, a now almost ancient document, games of chance are illegal, but games that rely mostly on skill are legal. Poker is a game that relies on both and due to that is in somewhat of a grey area. The Supreme court in India still hasn't decided on what side of the debate it will end up on. But the majority of Indian states seem to be leaning towards legalization.
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For many Indian states, poker is primarily a game of skill. And they are right. It takes massive skill and experience to rule at the poker table, be it a real one made out of wood, or a digital table sewen out of zeroes and ones. It is still clear that poker is facing many obstacles in India.

But the tides seem to be turning towards the side of poker. More and more States are softening on poker. The laws are getting more liberal. Soon some form of gambling will be legal in every state. If almost every state creates was that make online and regular poker legal, it is only natural for the Supreme court to do it as well.

The future seems bright for both poker in India as well as all the young poker enthusiast in this proud country. In due time we shall see a Poker World Tour champions born and raised in India.
Different States. Different Rules
According to a bill passed in 2015, which mirrors the constitutional attitude, it is regulated that games of luck are illegal. The law has a special sort of add-on that regulates recreational activities of skill. To play poker online, or legally on the streets with people, one needs a special permit from the state government.
If you have the consent of the government, betting is legal in Goa. Compared to some other states Goa has a law dating from a more modern time, the 1970s. The law is strict with those who gamble outside the law, with a penalty of 3 years in jail. So be sure to know whether you have the legal rights to play poker in Goa or not.
The last law that regulates gambling was passed in 1887. That kind of law doesn't necessarily regulate online gambling affair,s but it deems everything that has to do with luck as illegal, with some still believing that poker is simply a game of luck, something which we all know to be untrue, with lots of skill also needed.
This Indian state has some of the most modern and liberal gambling laws in the country. According to an act passed in 2005, an individual is permitted to open a gambling house. In 2009, a new law was created to confirm that online betting and gambling is also found legal, so playing poker here is perfectly fine.
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The state in the south of the eastern Himalayas. Its population is over 32 million people. There are many wonderful sights to see in Assam since you won't be playing poker. The Ahom Raja Palace, Rang Ghar, Kamakhya Temple and many more. This state has its own gambling regulation. It was passed in 1970. It strictly prohibits any kind of games of luck and gambling to be played.
This eastern India state houses a population of almost 46 million people. It is the ninth largest by area and 11th largest by population. Their Gambling act was released in 1955. Since then it hasn't been an amendment. According to this law, a person who has been gambling, or does anything that could be characterized as a game of luck will face imprisonment of up to a month.
Telangana is quite strict when dealing with poker. Their government has stated that it has a zero tolerance for gambling of any kind. But the people have tried to change that. In 2017, they started a petition to change the gambling laws. But the law hasn't seen the necessary amendments. Last year a man was sentenced to a year in jail after he was discovered to be playing poker online.
This state is situated on the Indian west coast. But unlike the American West Coast, times are hard for a player. Especially for a poker player. Their gambling act is also over 30 years old. It is mostly in accord with the National gambling law written back in 1887. There are hopes that poker will be legalized in the future but, for now, that looks like it could well be quite some time away.
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Poker is a Game of Skill
Some Things to Remember
Poker is still in the grey zone according to the supreme court in India. Some states have looked the other way and concluded that poker is a game that means more skill than luck. These states and dimmed poker legal. But there are still states that think poker is pure luck and gambling. This leads them to consider playing poker, a global phenomenon, an illegal activity.

When it comes to playing poker online in India, there really are some important things that you really do need to remember. For starters, there are still some states in India which consider poker as being a game of luck and nothing more and, since their laws state that you cannot gamble with real money on any game of luck whatsoever, playing online poker for real money in these states is banned. Fortunately though, not all of the states in India go by the same rules and the same ideas.

There are plenty of states in India which have accepted that there is so much more to online poker than just dumb luck, with there being a certain high level of skill involved in order to be successful at winning any meaningful money in online poker, which means that you can legally play the game of poker in these states. Just make sure that you check that you are in one of these states before beginning your online poker journey.
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