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Indian Poker?
Where should I play poker in India?
Poker India
Where to Play Indian Poker?
Discover where you can play Indian poker today, what are the best Indian websites to play on?
Indian Poker
Real Poker India recently took over as the number Indian poker website

Real Poker India

When it comes to Indian poker, Real Poker India is the current darling of the Indian poker scene, they have be around for roughly 2 years now in the Indian marketplace, and have provided innovations and pushed other sites to match their offerings which gives a lot more opportunity in getting free money from different companies.

They have plenty of options, and with their free sign up offer, which requires no deposit, you actually can get quite a lot of fish action and double up pretty fast.

It will be interesting to see how the next 12 months perform for them, and if the traffic gets tighter, but currently this is the platform of choice because of the amount of cash action where players go all the way with high cards.
The originals of the industry but losing ground to others


Adda52 is the grandpa of the Poker industry in India, they have recently led with adding an ex cricket player to their ranks on a years deal, which has made them look somewhat static as their platform went from a poker site to a Chris Gayle upsell website, so do not be confused if you end up on adda52, it isn't Chris Gayles personal homepage, but an actual poker website.

Adda52 have some decent offers on the go currently, they will allow you the opportunity to play in many tournaments and sit and go's throughout any given day, plenty of free roll options available.
New to the Indian Poker Industry

Poker Stars India

A new entry into the market as of the past 6 or 7 month, run by a lottery operator. They seem to have entered with a big bang, bringing a lot of fancy adverts and some catchy ad campaigns.

The ad campaigns lack a little originality but its overall good for the poker industry in India, as they have brought greater awareness to the fact people can play.

We recommend poker stars for a dabble, because they have some good intro offers, there is collusion issues with them though that still need to be addressed, but beyond that you should check them out if you are looking to play Poker in India.
Still hanging in there despite the exit of users to other platforms

Poker Baazi

Once a leader in the field, they have fallen on more tough times with some changes to their software that see a big degrade in the look and feel of the platform, plus a recent tournament produced an apparent amount of record users but was later dismissed by mainsteam media as no traffic monitoring service supported their claims.

Nonetheless, they have a small user base that is dedicated to playing and can provide liquidity for newcomers to the industry, we recommend pokerbaazi only for their cash tables, where you can get some loose action, but at time of writing, this is more of a courtesy given the recent disaster of their tournament with mammoth claims that couldn't be backed up bya any traffic source.

We recommend to play with caution currently, if anything else comes to light we will change this review.